People and HR analytics

For many organisations, their staff are their most valuable resource. Modus’s easy-to-use software can help you with all aspects relating to HR including how staff are managing their time, project and payroll costs analylsis, and recruitment.

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People and HR analytics service

With so many staff now working from home, it can be easy to lose track of how staff are spending their time and how productive they are. Modus’s specialist HR software can help you improve the performance, efficiency and effectiveness of your staff.

The software can also analyse project and payroll costs, and includes the ability to link headcount cost to your financial forecasts and identify surplus capacity within your organisation.

Recruitment and retention of staff is also of crucial importance to every organisation. We can analyse the characteristics of your successful staff and help you put in place smart recruitment processes that will result in you finding more staff of the type you want. We can also assist with benchmarking salaries and benefits to ensure your staff are properly compensated and don’t feel left behind.



They have been very professional and have also provided excellent service. I would highly recommend them.”
Brian Donne – Non-Executive Director at LIG Group

Watch our short five-minute video to see the benefits of our HR software

Understanding and managing how your business is using your most valuable asset – your staff – has always been important, and has become more vital now that more staff are working from home. I highly recommend the Modus service who will help you obtain real time data, and critically, help you interpret it to help you get the most from your teams."
David Lester – Chairman, Citrus HR

Examples of areas where we help

  • Produce easy to understand dashboards that give you the real-time information that your business needs (see example right)
  • Easy to use HR software to help manage all aspects of your staff – particularly helpful with so many staff now working at home
  • Analysis of how your staff are spending their time to help improve efficiency
  • Project cost analysis
  • Payroll analysis and ability to seamlessly link headcount cost to your financial forecasts
  • Automatic link to Xero payroll processing
  • Furlough payroll calculations to help with your submissions to HMRC
  • Analysis of your recruitment to help you recruit smarter in the future and find more staff of the type you want
  • Ongoing salary and benefit benchmarking
  • Analysis and identification of surplus capacity within your organisation
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