Online data analytics

Do you know how effective your online presence is and how to optimise your online campaigns for the best return on investment? Modus goes beyond the typical report produced by marketing agencies to give you the information you really need to understand how well you are performing online and how to improve your performance.

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Online data analytics service

The typical reports produced by online marketing agencies have their place but usually don’t supply vital information such as how costs are converting to revenue. They don’t show which customers are driving revenue and the lifetime value of customers. In many cases, 20% of customers are responsible for 80% of profits, so you need to identify them and allocate budget to these customers and customers like them.

What you really want to know is which customers are repeat and which are first-time visitors. How often customers visit your site and how frequently they buy from you. And, which customers are about to stop buying from you.

Looking at plain numbers and campaign averages won’t show you where the real return on investment (ROI) is. Using data to improve performance should be simple, quick and actionable. It should provide your organisation with actions and answer questions that are important and need answering. If it doesn’t do this, it is probably useless.

Modus is not a marketing agency. We help businesses make the most of their online marketing activity by really understanding what is happening.

Modus have shown a high level of knowledge and expertise, and have been on hand to help us with any questions that we’ve had. I would highly recommend them if you want to improve how you manage your data.”
Doug Edwards – Group Commercial Director, LIG Group

Examples of areas where we help

  • Traffic numbers – analytics can track the amount of traffic coming to your website. You can uncover the source of the traffic, page views generated, and actions taken on your website.
  • Lead conversion rate – through analytics, you can determine the lead conversion rate for your offers and conversion to revenue.
  • Consumer trends – analytics can help you know what audiences in your industry are searching for in real-time. This information can uncover trends that you can capitalise on.
  • Channel performance – through analytics, you can determine the performance of every marketing channel you use. For instance, you can see how many leads are generated from a particular channel such as pay per click, social media campaigns or referral sites.

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