Financial data

Do you know how well your organisation is performing financially? Modus can help your organisation improve the quality of its financial information so that you always know exactly how it is performing against its objectives, can predict what financial issues are likely to arise and improve efficiency.

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Financial data services

Every organisation collects financial data in some form or other, but that doesn’t mean it has the financial information it actually needs.

One vital area is having real-time data that lets you know how well you are currently performing. The starting point is often setting up a simple visual key performance indicator (KPI) dashboard showing how well you are meeting your objectives.

Putting in place systems and models can also help you automate the production of accurate management accounts, rolling cash flow forecasts and budgets.

As well as giving you an accurate current picture, this can help identify when you are likely to require additional cash and assist with reporting to your bank to avoid breaching banking covenants.

Proper use and analysis of financial data can improve your organisation’s future performance too. It can show you which clients or customers you most want to carry on doing business with, which products or services are most profitable and how to improve cost efficiency.

Modus can work with you to help you collect the financial data you need and use it to improve your organisation’s performance.

And we don’t just leave it there. We will continue to work with you and monitor your progress for as long as you need us.

We are extremely appreciative of all of their help, and would highly recommend their services"
Laura Barnett – CEO, Rays of Sunshine Children’s Charity

As a business which is growing rapidly, we instructed Modus Analytics to help us to improve our financial systems, resulting in improved management information and forecasting. In turn, this has meant that we are better placed to understand what is happening in all key areas of our business. They have also provided fantastic after project support. I would gladly recommend their service."
Jana Klein – Managing Director, Kosher Deli

Examples of areas where we help

  • Produce easy to understand dashboards that give you the real-time information that your business needs (see example right)
  • Set up of systems and models so that you can automate the production of accurate management accounts
  • Produce automated cash flow models
  • Produce models for budgeting, future forecasts and variance analysis
  • Develop key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Advice on creating meaningful KPIs and set up a dashboard for your future use
  • Customer profitability analysis
  • Customer payment profiling
  • Department performance analysis
  • Payroll and head count analysis
  • Product profitability analysis
  • Rolling cash flow forecast based on actual performance
  • Monitor bank covenants
    Identify capacity and bottlenecks in the business
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