Data management

How good is your data? Are you using data to gain a better understanding of your clients, staff, customers or donors and increase your income and profits? We can help you clean, organise and manage your data as well as review your existing CRM system or advise on a new CRM system.

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How we can help you improve the quality of your data

Using data to improve your organisation’s performance is all well and good but what if you don’t capture data, have old or inaccurate data or store data in multiple places?

If you are going to use your data properly, it is important to start with the correct fundamentals in place. We can help you avoid time-wasting and inefficiency by showing you how to clean your data and set up protocols to maintain it.

It may be that you have a perfectly good CRM system but are not using it properly – this can be very costly. Or, you might have a legacy CRM system that is inadequate for your needs. Only by capturing the right data and using it so that you truly know and understand your customers, clients or donors can you meet your organisation’s goals and grow your profitability.

This is where Modus can help. We can work with you to organise your data so that you can use it to improve all areas of your organisation’s performance.

And once your data is organised, we are then in a position to help you use data analytics to increase your profitability and gain a competitive edge over your competitors.



Modus advised us on the implementation of a new CRM system. They have been very professional and have also provided excellent service. I would highly recommend them.”
Brian Donne – Non-Executive Director at LIG Group

Modus have empowered us to understand the strength of our data; whatever the level of contact with the centre, each contact on the new database has a unique relationship with us. They are all potential, if not current ‘supporters’ and we need them now more than ever. Thank you, Tim and Katie.”
Katy Palmer – Partnerships coordinator at The Bromley By Bow Centre

Examples of areas where we help

  • Produce easy to understand dashboards that give you the real-time information that your business needs (see example right)
  • Clean your data and put it into a standard format
  • Prepare your data so that it is ready to transfer into an existing or new CRM system
  • Advise you on CRM systems, including a review of your current system if you have one, or the introduction of a new system appropriate for your business or organisation
  • Help with implementation of your CRM system
  • Linking your CRM to online marketing data and analysis
  • Detailed analysis of what happens with your online marketing and activity
  • CRM training
  • Enhancement of your current data – providing more information than you currently have. For instance, if you just have a corporate email address, we can provide you with full company information, position in company, etc
  • Help you source relevant prospect data
  • Analysis of data to help you achieve your business objectives and goals
CRM data model – conversion rate all leads