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We use our hands-on experience of running a charity to help you identify the challenges your charity faces. We then analyse and improve your data to find ways to overcome them and help you deliver your strategy.

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Specific areas where we use data analytics to help you

Every not for profit organisation faces challenges. We know this from our first-hand experience of running a charity. This has taught us how critical it is to gather the information that matters and focus your efforts in the right areas. Charities that do this go from strength to strength. Ones that fail to do so risk withering away. The margin between success and failure can often be frighteningly small.  

People running charities often rely on gut instinct, intuition or “the way things have always been done” as the basis for their decisions. Sometimes, they would prefer to use data but the sheer volume and variety of the data they produce makes it seem impossible for them to know where to turn their attention. There are so many issues to be addressed and so many goals to aim for it can be hard to know where to focus first.

That is where Modus can help. We can work with you to use data to your advantage and improve all areas of your charity’s performance.

We do this by applying a simple three-step process.

And we don’t just leave it there. We will continue to work with you and monitor your progress for as long as you need us.

Data will become an increasingly important commodity in the coming years.
– Sir Martin Sorrell

How it works

Initial meeting

We begin by meeting the senior management and trustees to understand your strategy and identify the key problems the charity faces. We want to get to the nub of the issues that are preventing you from reaching your goals.

Audit of data

We audit your data collection processes and work with you to agree new targets and devise new key performance indicators (KPIs). We will show you that the benefit of meeting these targets will outweigh the cost.

Action plan

We analyse your data and report back. We identify your current performance against the agreed KPIs and recommend changes to your operations. If we feel external data is required, we make recommendations and obtain this data. Finally, we help you put together and implement an action plan that will enable you to deliver your goals.

I am really pleased to have Modus working alongside us. Their invaluable experience is being used to help us understand more about our supporters whilst at the same time making sure that our systems and processes work in as seamless a way as possible. This is a long term project which once completed will provide us with measurable benefits for the longer term. I would have no hesitation in recommending other charities to speak with Tim and his team to see how they can help.
– Jane Sharpe, CEO, Rays of Sunshine Children’s Charity

Examples of areas where we help

  • Donor behaviour, methods of donation, and donor demographics to help increase donations
  • Better financial performance and information 
  • Highlighting important or unnoticed trends
  • Seasonal analysis
  • Improving the recruitment and retention of your staff and volunteers 
  • Generating greater ROI from your marketing

Ready to find out more?

Arrange a meeting to discuss how you can use data in your charity or not for profit organisation.