How it works

A simple three step process

3 Steps

Initial meeting

We will hold an initial meeting where we follow a specific process to:

  1. Find out about your objectives, your business strategy, the challenges you face and the questions that you need answered (which we will then put in order of priority)
  2. Obtain details of your current senior management structure and discuss their involvement
  3. See if any KPIs are currently reviewed, and if so, which ones, how often and how they are used

Audit of data

We will then:

  1. Devise new KPIs, (if required), always bearing in mind the results of Step 1 a) above
  2. Audit your current data and processes

Action plan

From the analysis of relevant data, we will report back to you with insights, identify current performance against the agreed KPIs, and recommend changes that will improve your business operations and profitability.

We will help ensure that your data is generated easily and presented in a way that is simple to understand. We will recommend a future action plan, together with timescale but make sure that cost/benefit is understood.